Currently we support Polaris on Windows platforms. You can either build Polaris from the source code by cloning a git archive then building using Visual Studio 2010, or by downloading the Windows executables from the latest release v0.7.0.

To build or run Polaris, you will need to download the dependencies from here. If you are builing from the source, the Cmake scripts assume the dependencies are located in C:\opt directory. When you run an executable you need to add folders containing dependencies DLLs to you PATH variable (on Windows you can run SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\opt\polarisdeps\libs). Note that all of the dependenices are already built and you just need to make sure that those can be found by the linker at build time.


Polaris is distributed under a very permissive BSD license. The license allows for using software for both open source and closed source projects as well as commercialization. If you would like to modify existing code or develop new libraries in Polasris, please follow the developer's guide available on Polaris GitHub's Wiki.

Build Models

You can download a test model here. To develop your own transportation network model, you can use Polaris Studio, the editing GIS tool to develop Polaris models. Polaris Studio is developed in Python and can be run from the source, provided that Python and all required packages are installed.

If you have any project related questions, please contact the developers using polaris_help at anl dot gov email.